Afrofuturist 2, Comic Show, and Oni Press

Been a while since I’ve updated this site! I’ve got quite a few good things coming on strong! I have a comic show coming up with

Specs Wizard, Jacob Dixon, and Sir Froderick in Seattle called ““! I’ll have a ton of stuff there!  Here are pics of the posterskidsundayposter ramzzeroposter

I’m finishing up on the Afrofuturist 2! All the inks are done I just have to letter and color. Black Dayz 7 is in the works, but remember, issue 8 and 9 will be an all Wargirl issue, so don’t look for the regulars in that book. they’ll be back for the amazing ISSUE 10!! (maybe I should do it in color). Also, I’m working on an alternative manga title for Oni Press since the opened up their submission box for the next couple months (big mistake! j/k!). All I can tell you right now is it’s called MISO INK. My lips are shut on the rest. So imma get back to the lab, and will try to update this page as often as possible.


Man I had a blast at Short Run, Seattle! it all started when I touched down and met up with my pal Wiz and the gang from Vermillion. My new home away from home and hang out in Seattle, you can check it out here. So we caught up and after a few drinks (and tokes) and jokes, I set out to my airbnb spot that I was to be staying. Fortunately, I won’t be staying in that spot again because it was super cold, the owners seemed dazed and confused, and it was hell getting in there the first time since their lock system didn’t seem to be working. Total flop house level. Anyways, I made it to Short Run, and met some cool folks, and esteemed comic peers which is always a good thing. I sold out of my book the Afrofuturist, and got into a deep convo about afrofuturism with the publisher of Pork newspaper. He was maaad cool. After that was done I headed to Vermillion, dropped some dope beats on the 1 and 2’s chilled and talked with the Lo-Fly crew. I was so tired from the plane and chilling I slept all Sunday which was ok cuz I’m gonna be back anyways every chance I get. Monday I was set to head back to the east coast, dealt with a bitchy baggage counter person (what’s with these self righteous, overly opinionated, drab, tarts who think their shits don’t stink??),and after a cramped flight landed back in DC. I already wish I was back in Seattle LOL. Oh well at least there’s Baltimore! New books and art and beats and commix coming soon homies!

Working on legging design

So I  been putting together some designs for legging apparel and I’ve seemed to have pattern down. This is what I have so far.

legging leggingpreview

Also, Pupil, the comic for kids is done. I have the inside printed. All I need to do uis get te cover and activity page done. Fingers crossed!



I met tons of folks who were interested in my works! I got lots of goodies to sustain my attention for weeks to come! I met with all my cartoonist friends and buddies that has gotten me VERY inspired! I’m still working on my online ordering stay tuned for that! Also, if you saw me at the convention and want to still connect my email is

my tumblr is



Hey y’all! I updated the Comix section to include the links to my online mini comix and freebie comix! Don’t say I never gave ya nuffin! I’ll be updating the links to ordering my comix as soon as I figure out this distribution thing, and how I want to handle online orders. I’ll get on that asap. Also I’m setting up videos for my RXTV youtube account. I’ve already finished some headers, will post soon. I did some more T-shirt and Deck designs, i’m coloring that up and will post it up soon. Holla!

Great Day at AMC 2014


I met so many people it was certainly a blast. I’ve decided to be more open to the characters I create. I want to focus on more Afrofuturistic stories. The Afrofuturist is definitely getting printed and is almost done. I have a few freebie comics i’m printing. Inkblot Choice Cuts and Morning Glory. See below;


My family issues continue as they have continued since I’ve turned 18 and am now 34. I’ve been called a liar to a loser to immature to no good to a piece of shit to gonna end up poor in the streets. That shit doesn’t really get to me as much as it hurts. I can’t blame how my family deals. My grandmother was sweet but very bi polar and wasn’t the nicest of people at times. It is what it is. I feel God, the spirits above, have a plan for me and I’m going forth. I also am planning to use more LGBT characters in my work beacuse people have told me they would like to see characters like that, and i believe they have a voice too. Fuck what other people think.  That’s all i have for now. keep rocking, keep moving along.