I’m going to mention this once to get it off my chest, then i’m going to be artistically productive. Also i’m not gonna talk politics for a long while. i’m gonna focus on helping others in the indie comic field,(more on that later). But, for now, I’m not surprised by the election. This is foremost the result of institutionalized racism that the leaders and my culture havbe been talking about for generations. Also, it’s a result of the real underlying fact of classism, which is the true issue with society in the worl in general. It’s always been rich vs poor (Racism, sexism, gender inequality, is just the fog they use to keep people from working together and trampling the elite). The true leaders that fought for rights and been assassinated or are growing old and dying off have been warning us about people like Trump for years. People like Trump have been let run wild in society without concequence for a long time. We were all told “He’s not that bad”, and “Give them a chance.” He is that bad. He;s no different than Bull Connor, J Edgar “tapping” Hoover,Strom Thurmon, George Wallace, or any other card carrying White Supremicist wannabe prophet. That’s why when i saw a video when Laci Green, though i love what she does for sex rights and feminism, which she said “WE” failed the US, I could not agree. Because, I didn’t vote for that crazy man. I think we’re so angry right now because we can’t believe a jerk like that could run and become president in the “progressive” 21st century. But, yea the US is like that. That’s why the Chappelle skits were so funny. I think it’s those same folks that allowed statues to be built for people who harbored racist beliefs, flags to be flown by negative groups and defeated tyrannical regions, and legislation to be passed by political representatives that should not be part of a political party that is supposed to represent the opinions of the diverse populace of America, in the first place, solely because they do not support the fact that this country is integrated and allows people to be diverse, because it contradicts what they truely believe in the first place.But, they allow that to happen. But, I believe in my people, black, white, whatever. I believe in tmy artistic cartoon society. I’m working on fostering creativity for indie cartoonists and designer, and people who ¬†want to “do this thing” we do, (like Jack Kirby said). I don’t believe in exclusion. Because I was excluded a lot growing up in my artistic age. Don’t get me wrong too didn’t agree with some of Hillary and Obama’s tactics, but I REALLY don’t agree with Trump. He excludes. Now i’m working on plans to help my cartoonist, designer, and music friend during this difficult time. I got a Patreon page , new site, and new books, i’m working on that i hope yall will work with me on. Don’t fret y’all. This aint nothing. Trump is a card game. We’ll get through this. Stay Tuned.