As I get better in knowing how to structure out a proper narrative, I have a chance to manipulate to suit my own tastes and style. I’ve always enjoyed the way a Ray Bradbury tale grasped you and keeps you in suspense with well put together characters that interact with each other in awesome ways. I also like the tales told by Philip K Dick. The paranoia, and cleverness. I’ve been studying the works of L.B. Cole. Color wise. Amazing!! He took the comic medium to another lever by applying the right swatches to the job. I’m interested in getting one of his books off of amazon.

I have a few conventions i’m going to. East Coast Comicon, Pix, EBACC, and maybe Maine Comic expo. I’ll post my schedule up soon.


I’m also finally going to have my online store together for buying my books. I think I’ll be using Gumroad. More on that soon.

Stay Groovy!