Some artists don’t do commissions based on time scheduling or whatever. I on the other hand , am flexible. The only thing I ask is we get some basic rules down before getting locked down in a design project.

  • A 50% deposit¹ is needed. This insures that my time and your time isn’t wasted on the project. I’m pretty fast, so most likely when you have that deposit made, and after I’ve sent an e-mail response. I will have a mock-up within an hour or so, depending on how big the project is. If you decide to scrap said project, then we can cut our losses, shake hands, and move on.
  • I don’t take shares in your business in exchange for design work. It’s not that I don’t believe in you. I just feel business deals should be fleshed out with time, and not in the time frame of a commission sale.
  • Details, Details, Details. WYSIWYG (What you say/show  is what you get).
  • Be available. I might have questions on your project.
  • I’m an easy going guy so don’t be afraid to ask me any questions.

Now that we got that boring stuff out the way, let’s get down to business..

Illustration Prices:

Signed B & W Drawing 9 x 12 (original,digital version)- $40.00

Signed Color Print 17 x 22  (original included, digital included)- $60.00

Comic Prices:

Penciled/ Inked /Colored(email me for details)

Beat/Music Creation

$50.00 a minute

Email me if you have any questions.

¹deposit-is non-refundable at point of agreement