Afrofuturist 2, Comic Show, and Oni Press

Been a while since I’ve updated this site! I’ve got quite a few good things coming on strong! I have a comic show coming up with

Specs Wizard, Jacob Dixon, and Sir Froderick in Seattle called ““! I’ll have a ton of stuff there! ┬áHere are pics of the posterskidsundayposter ramzzeroposter

I’m finishing up on the Afrofuturist 2! All the inks are done I just have to letter and color. Black Dayz 7 is in the works, but remember, issue 8 and 9 will be an all Wargirl issue, so don’t look for the regulars in that book. they’ll be back for the amazing ISSUE 10!! (maybe I should do it in color). Also, I’m working on an alternative manga title for Oni Press since the opened up their submission box for the next couple months (big mistake! j/k!). All I can tell you right now is it’s called MISO INK. My lips are shut on the rest. So imma get back to the lab, and will try to update this page as often as possible.