redshirtJTW Who?

That’s probably what pops in your mind when you hear my name. If you hear my name. I always have hopes and dreams that someday I’ll be name dropped by some admirer who will dig my work and technique enough to jot my name down as his/her favorite artist. It’s so lame how my ego begs attention.

Anyway to make this bio page short and somewhat entertaining i’ll start it out with some keynotes about myself in case you’re wondering.

Name: JT Wilkins,J, JTW, JT Dubya, Jt Dub

Hometown: Hyattsville, MD

Born date: June 16, 1980


Those are the basics, I feel if you’re interested enough to know more you can catch me on social media. I’ll be happy to chat about anything if I’m not busy. As for my profession, I’m a coder by day a artist/designer/producer by night. Hopefully art will be my full time gig, but in this world we have to work for our dreams in order  to fully receive our blessings.  I self publish my own books as well as work with other publishing houses that feel my work is suitable for sales. So far I have no complaints on how far my work is going, let’s  just say if your willing to experience this journey with me buckle your seat belt because things are going to get weird.