Hey y’all! I updated the Comix section to include the links to my online mini comix and freebie comix! Don’t say I never gave ya nuffin! I’ll be updating the links to ordering my comix as soon as I figure out this distribution thing, and how I want to handle online orders. I’ll get on that asap. Also I’m setting up videos for my RXTV youtube account. I’ve already finished some headers, will post soon. I did some more T-shirt and Deck designs, i’m coloring that up and will post it up soon. Holla!

Great Day at AMC 2014


I met so many people it was certainly a blast. I’ve decided to be more open to the characters I create. I want to focus on more Afrofuturistic stories. The Afrofuturist is definitely getting printed and is almost done. I have a few freebie comics i’m printing. Inkblot Choice Cuts and Morning Glory. See below;


My family issues continue as they have continued since I’ve turned 18 and am now 34. I’ve been called a liar to a loser to immature to no good to a piece of shit to gonna end up poor in the streets. That shit doesn’t really get to me as much as it hurts. I can’t blame how my family deals. My grandmother was sweet but very bi polar and wasn’t the nicest of people at times. It is what it is. I feel God, the spirits above, have a plan for me and I’m going forth. I also am planning to use more LGBT characters in my work beacuse people have told me they would like to see characters like that, and i believe they have a voice too. Fuck what other people think.  That’s all i have for now. keep rocking, keep moving along.

Awesome Con!!

Awesome con was fun and i was on the news! Check it out! hopefully more stuff coming up! I really need to keep building this site up!